pretty things for little people

We are currently working on a new website, visit us again soon! 

who we are

 We are aliens.

Just kidding, we are regular human beings but we believe in fairies an wizards. And we love designing products for little people who do so either. With a lot of love and joy we are manufacturing pretty things for the tiny and the "already big" (you might know the proud announcement of a toddler's age) children.


what we do

We are exploring the world with our eyes open to collect ideas. Next we are designing, searching for pretty and high quality materials and working on the products. We also plan, design and make our own packaging. In addition to that we are (of course!) working on this website and update the shop. 

where we do it

Our designs and products are made right here in Germany. No exploitation or child labour needed! We try our best to use many vintage materials or materials from fair or organic manufacturing trying to offer you exellent quality and a quiet conscience. Vintage and organic materials will be mentioned in the product description.

We love what we do!

Every single product is made with love and special observance of details. We believe that the very small things make the biggest difference and put a bright smile on the face of someone who notices them. Therefore we rely on handmade products and try to use the imagination and creativity all of us used to have as a child. These are the small gifts we should not forget about when growing up.


As we are a cute and tiny business it might happen that products are sold out quickly or only limited edtions due to the availability of some materials. This does not mean that you need to worry about missing some releases. Follow @mimiandmarshmallow on instagram to stay up to date and get to know us.