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I'm Lara, the founder of Mimi&Marshmallow. When I was little and people asked me, what my parents did for a living I always thought "they run a little a toy store" was a pretty boring answer. But now I think I kind of inherited this passion. They had (and still have) a little store in Berlin that sells traditional toys like wodden cars, dolls, skipping ropes, fancy costumes for wizards or fairies and all of these magical memory products. And that's what I've always been about. When I grew up I didn't stop dreaming. I still love inspiring products for children.

And I'm also a big supporter of handmade items. I love drawing, knitting, crocheting, embroydering,... Just anything creative! On this website I'm hoping to share my passion with lovely customers.

I believe that one should never grow up but become more expierienced and wise while staying happy and playful.